SWEET chestnuts, crab apples, magical mushroom and a pint of beer: all the fruits of autumn are here.

The response to this week's challenge left us dazzled.

It's been especially rewarding as so many of the entries show Oxfordshire at its bucolic best.

Lesley Murray's shot of St Edburg's in Bicester, although it doesn't have a lot of leaves, captures that autumn sunlight slicing through the trees setting the churchyard on fire.

Kristina Palm shows off Harcourt Arboretum in its seasonal splendour and Matthew Watson sent in a cracking shot of Clifton Hampden church.

Hinksey Lake, Faringdon Folly and Wytham Woods also got their moment in the sun courtesy of Michael Nottage, William Law and Diane Braggs.

Autumnal Abingdon got an especially good showing this week, with highlights including the yellow and scarlet leaves at Tilsley Park and the charming waterside at St Helen's Wharf both from Becca Collacott.

We were also really pleased this week to see some less-regular contributors adding to the list: Christian Barrett, Stephen Shadbolt, Julian Philp and Kathryn Johnson all sent in beautiful pictures – we want to see more from you guys!

Kaream Pennant is definitely a contender for best shot of the week with his dazzling masterpiece of a beautiful balcony.

But as far as this author is concerned, there is only one winner today.

After we had a little fun at her expense regarding some submissions in recent weeks, Michelle Barber definitely gets a special first prize this week for managing to capture the miraculous moment when the autumn leaves arranged themselves into this most beautiful display.

See tomorrow's paper for our real winner, who will get our £25 prize.

For next week's theme we've got a challenge with a twist: we would like you to send us pictures of Oxfordshire's most well-known and famous landmarks from a different angle, to see how many people can guess the right answer!

For this reason, it might be easiest this week if you email your pictures straight to us at picturedesk@nqo.com

If you share them on Facebook or in public, please DO NOT say where they are!

We will then put together a little quiz to test how well people know their home county.

Happy secret snapping!

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