WITNEY Gazette reader Mark Dover, from Carterton, has sent in this picture, which he thinks was taken in 1975, of the Witney & District youth football team he was a member of which travelled to Liege in Belgium to play in an international tournament against teams from Belgium, France and Germany.

He is trying to put names to the line-up and is hoping readers can fill in the gaps in his list.

Back row, from left: not known, not known, not known, not known, not known, Ken Wells, not known, Pete Morecombe, Brian Constable (manager); front: Paul Ford, Kevin Milsom, not known, Mark Dover, not known, not known, John Traas.

If you can help, email witney@witneygazette.co.uk or write to Witney Gazette, Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0EJ