Messy offices can stop workers from doing their jobs properly and can result in them wanting to quit.

Research by Lloyds TSB shows that factors such as a lack of natural light, untidy workspaces and dirt can distract and demoralise staff.

Now experts are suggesting the Chinese art of Feng Shui could be the answer to boost luck, wealth, health and harmony in the workplace.

And that can help productivity and profitability, according to property firm

Managing director Jim Venables said: "A better office environment means more motivated employees. Evidence also suggests that pleasant working conditions enhance staff loyalty and improve productivity.

"Feng Shui is widely used by Chinese, Japanese and Indian firms and increasingly, European businesses are starting to employ the Art of Placement' in a bid to improve staff performance. We are now seeing more of our European and UK clients employing Feng Shui in a bid to give themselves a competitive edge."

Angela Ang, founder of Rising Dragon Feng Shui, offers the following advice:

Bosses should sit in the corner furthest from the door to adopt the "Command" position

Letting natural sunlight into an office creates positive yang chi' which helps to promote better staff productivity and morale

Desks should be organised and uncluttered so employees can focus their brain power on work rather than have it dispersed on little things that don't matter

Mirrors should never be hung in an office as they can reflect negative energy

To allow for the free flow of chi, ensure all wires are hidden. Multi-tangled wires can generate "snake shar" and create accidents.

Feng Shui has been used in offices in some parts of the world for more than 5,000 years. Translated literally from Chinese it means wind and water and, in English, it means the cause and effect of environmental energies on you'.