A PLAY exploring the divide between science and faith comes to The Theatre in Chipping Norton next week.

The Trials of Galileo focuses on the events surrounding the Italian scientist, astronomer and philosopher’s trial for heresy in 1633.

Former Royal Shakespeare Company actor Tim Hardy plays Galileo in the one-man show, which takes a rollercoaster ride through the first flowering of modern science and what happens when it encounters the dogmatic beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.

Galileo believes all he has to do is show the church his reasoning and evidence and the church will fall in behind him, but Pope Urban tells him: “The Universe is a divine miracle Galileo, not a clockwork toy. ‘Proof’ denies faith, and without faith we are nothing.”

The play was premiered in Indianapolis in the US in 2008 and briefly toured the UK before being taken on by the Icarus Theatre Company for the current touring production.

The play is at The Theatre, in Spring Street, at 7.45pm next Wednesday. Tickets are priced £14 and £12 for concessions.