CARTOON images of David Cameron dressed as a punk, rapper and cowboy are being sold to raise money for charity.

The pictures were created by Wantage artist Ian Cater to publicise the annual Witney Music Festival in 2011.

The originals, signed by the Prime Minister and Witney MP, are on display at SOTA Gallery in Witney and being sold to raise money for Oxford’s Sobell House Hospice.

Mr Cameron said the cowboy cartoon made him laugh, adding that he was delighted to help the charity.

Gallery owner Jennifer Crowshaw said: “We were approached to sell the pictures on behalf of Sobell House to raise money for the charity.

"They're a real talking point and people who come in really like them. They're nice to have in the gallery.”

She said her favourite was the choirboy image.

The gallery hopes to raise about £1,000, and the pictures will remain on display until they are sold.