THE Conservatives enjoyed a clean sweep in three district and town council by-elections held in West Oxfordshire yesterday alongside the county council polls.

While counting of the votes for seats on the county council will take place later today in Abingdon, West Oxfordshire District Council staff stayed up late to count the by-election votes straight after polling stations closed at 10pm.

Lynn Little successfully defended the Carterton South ward seat on the district council left vacant by the retirement of former council chairman Joe Walcott. 

In the Witney East ward, the Tories' Jeanette Baker retained the district council seat held for the past two years by Sian Davies, who resigned because her family has moved to Dorset. 

These results mean the political balance of the district council remains unchanged, with 41 Conservative members, four Labour and four Liberal Democrat.

The Witney Town Council by-election for an East ward seat which Mrs Davies had also held was won by Chris Holliday.

Full Results:

Carterton South ward district council by-election: Lynn Little (Conservative) 477, Dave Wesson (Labour & Co-op) 108, Alma Tumilowicz (Green) 78, Amanda Epps (Liberal Democrat) 44.

Witney East ward district council by-election: Jeanette Baker (Con) 794, Alfred Fullah (Lab & Co-op) 642, Kate Griffin (Green) 270.

Witney East ward town council by-election: Chris Holliday (Con) 744, Alfred Fullah (Lab & Co-op) 606, Kate Griffin (Green) 267, Ross Beadle (Lib Dem) 94.

Turnout in the Carterton ward was just under 24 per cent, while in Witney East it was almost 29.5 per cent.

Voter turnout in the 10 county council divisions in West Oxfordshire yesterday was 31.93 per cent.

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