RADIOHEAD bassist Colin Greenwood revealed a hidden talent for pouring pints at an Oxford pub.

Mr Greenwood pulled the first pint at the official opening of a new courtyard area at the White Hart in Wolvercote on Wednesday night.

The historic pub unveiled a new wooden stage where it plans to host live bands and performers throughout the summer and also showed off a new Argentinian barbecue.

Mr Greenwood, an old friend of White Hart landlord Baz Butcher, has been going to the pub since he was a teenager and said the new space was "beautiful".

He told an intimate crowd at the opening ceremony: "I have memories of coming here in the mid-80s with friends from school who had got their first drivers licence in a yellow Fiat 5 or whatever and it was just a wonderful place, I've got lots of happy memories here.

"It is a fantastic pub and this is just amazing: I'm also very excited to see music here, that would be a wonderful thing.

"It's a beautiful space and I can't wait for it to get a bit warmer so we can all enjoy it."

Wednesday night was also the official opening of a new a shop at the pub which will sell local produce provided by south Oxfordshire farming co-operative Cultivate.