A CARE home in Eynsham previously found to have been in breach of a number of legal requirements has made ‘significant improvements’, health watchdog inspectors have said.

But Beech Court Nursing Home in Newland Street still has work to do after the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated the home 'requires improvement' in a report published last week.

In April 2017 owner Dr Brian Cheung was ordered to take action after inspectors identified several breaches of the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Concerns were raised over the way medicines were managed, a failure to adequately treat pressure sores and failures to carry out full risk assessments on residents, among other worries.

However, following a visit in November, inspectors have said the home had ‘learned from mistakes and found work had been done to improve care and treatment for the six people living at the home.

But despite the improvements the CQC still raised a number of concerns.

Inspectors said the service was ‘not always safe’ saying the provider still needed to improve their infection control practices.

The report comments on an ‘unpleasant smell in the lounge’ during the unannounced visit, which inspectors had also noticed during the previous visit in 2017.

Inspectors observed ‘flies in the lounge’ and noticed an ‘extremely strong unpleasant odour coming from the sanitary waste bin, which was overflowing’ in the staff toilet.

According to the report, staff took no action to empty the overflowing bin throughout the inspection.

Inspectors also said mops used for cleaning were dirty and were not being cleaned in line with the provider’s guidance.

The CQC report deemed the care home was ‘not always responsive’ and ‘not always well-led’.

Concerns over a failure to keep up to date records were raised and criticisms were made over activities and stimulations in place for residents.

Inspectors, however, did say the home was ‘effective and caring’ saying staff ‘treated people with kindness, compassion and respect.

The home has been contacted for a comment.