STAFF at a charity preschool in Woodstock were left ‘overwhelmed’ by the support they received at a community fun day.

Hundreds of people flocked to Woodstock Under-Fives Association on Saturday for some fun in the sun as the preschool marked its 30th birthday.

The event raised more than £1,000 for a community defibrillator and outdoor equipment.

Manager at the Recreation Road centre Kate Bailey was thrilled with the turnout to the community fun day.

She said: “It was totally overwhelming. The event was a total success. We had a huge turnout of children and adults.

"We also had lots of new faces who came to see how we operate plus the older generation who may have had children through WUFA's doors or even been a part of it's committee over the years.

“It was just a really really happy event and my team and I had worked really hard to pull it all together.”

The day also served as a prime opportunity to reflect on the past three decades of WUFA.

Ms Bailey continued: “It’s amazing that the preschool has been running for three decades - especially when you bear in mind that many are closing elsewhere.”

The event was kicked off with a speech by Woodstock’s mayor, Patricia Redpath, who was one of the founders of WUFA in 1987.

There were a wide-range of organisations with stalls at the community day.

The stalls included face painting, cakes and hair accessories.

Providing entertainment was Twistina the Amazing Balloon Lady, based in Abingdon.

Also represented with a stall were First for Safety, who supported the event.

The group performed a demonstration on defibrillator use at the fun day, which was sponsored by Flowers Estate Agents in Woodstock.

Ms Bailey, who took over the preschool at the end of 2016, said she felt the event achieved the team’s goals of boosting both funds and awareness.

She said: “We’re well on the way to achieving our goal with the fundraising.

“We also feel like we’ve really broadened people’s awareness of the setting and what it is we’re trying to achieve.”

As well as the defibrillator, the funds raised will go towards some equipment to enhance the preschool’s outdoor area, a new and safer garden gate and some new planters.

The defibrillator will be attached to the new gate after it is installed.

WUFA, which is based in the grounds of Woodstock Primary School, takes children from the age of two up until their fifth birthday for its preschool service.

But it also provides wrap around care for children aged between three and 11, helping working parents whose children attend the primary school with breakfast and after-school clubs.

The preschool is still looking for donations to go towards the defibrillator and other equipment.

Anybody interested in making a donation to WUFA can make contact via email on