FOUR employers in Oxfordshire have been named and shamed by the Government for underpaying their staff.

Nearly 240 employers across the country have been exposed for paying workers less than the minimum wage - including those at Oxford's Best Western Linton Lodge Hotel.

Seven members of staff at the hotel, which is run by Khanna Enterprises (Oxford) Ltd, have been underpaid by the employer.

The company owes £2,620.15 to the workers, which amounts to £374.31 per worker.

Others named in the county include Laura Colman, of the Cherwell Competition Centre, an equestrian centre off the A40 in South Oxfordshire.

She owes a total of £568.33 to two members of staff.

Heathfield House Nursing Homes Ltd, based in Bletchingdon, appeared on the list after failing to pay one member of staff.

The worker is owed a total of £210 by their employer.

Sheila Hodgkinson, of Molly Maid cleaning company, Oxford, owes nine members of staff a total of £564.56 - amounting to £62.73 per worker.

A total of £1.44m in back pay has been identified for 22,400 workers, with the employers fined additional £1.97m.

The UK minimum wage for individuals aged 25 and over, as of April this year, is £7.83.