A DISTRICT councillor has claimed an allegation of transphobic abuse in the Witney Town Council offices shows the LGBTIQ+ community is ‘not accepted’ in the town.

Jake Acock, of Shipton and Ascott Under Wychwood ward, has called for an investigation into the incident reported to council leader Dean Temple on Wednesday.

The individual who made the complaint has also reported the allegation to police.

Mr Acock said: “‘We need to prove that Witney is open and tolerant to everyone, despite gender, colour, race or sexual orientation.

“However, if Witney Town Council fails to launch an investigation into this hate crime, then the people of Witney and West Oxfordshire will need to consider if the town council is really acting in favour of the people of Witney and whether they are LGBTIQ+ friendly.”

Mr Acock is spearheading efforts to bring back Witney Pride, which has not been held since 2014.

Mr Temple responded: “Any and all reports received by the council about the conduct of its staff are fully investigated and where needed, outside groups are brought in.

“These investigations are carried out to the letter of the law and where appropriate action is taken.

“To allow the court of public opinion to cloud that judgement would not only be unethical but unlawful.

“Witney Town Council has a proud tradition of supporting the LGBTI community, from flying the flag at the town hall to offering assistance to the local LGBTI West Oxon group.”