COUNCIL buildings should be made available for campaigners who want a People’s Vote, according to a pair of West Oxfordshire councillors.

Two Liberal Democrat councillors will ask for support from colleagues at a district council meeting next week.

As part of an ambitious request, it will ask the Conservative-dominated West Oxfordshire District Council to agree to write to its Tory MP Robert Courts expressing a ‘strong desire’ for a final vote on the Brexit deal.

Mr Courts said he backed the Leave campaign during the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

His predecessor David Cameron was Prime Minister and MP for Witney at the time.

Andy Graham and Jake Acock will ask their fellow councillors to ‘endorse’ the People’s Vote campaign and ask the authority’s cabinet to ‘provide practical support...such as use of council facilities for public meetings’.

Mr Acock has launched a Facebook page for a People’s Vote Rally, which will be held an hour and a half before the council meeting on Wednesday.

It is scheduled for 12.30pm outside West Oxfordshire council’s headquarters in New Yatt Road, Witney.

But just four people had said they would attend yesterday afternoon.

The Liberal Democrats are the largest political party who have said they support a People’s Vote. While some Labour and Conservative MPs are in favour, neither party has adopted it as policy.

Oxford City Council has already said it wants a People’s Vote after councillors voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion in the summer.

They backed Green Party calls for a second vote on the Brexit deal because, it said, negotiations at the time had ‘alienated both Remainers and Brexiteers alike’.

Of 42 councillors who attended a city council meeting in July, 34 backed calls to support the People’s Vote.

Six were opposed to any second referendum, while two other members – including the council’s leader Susan Brown – abstained.