SNOW caused havoc across the county over the weekend, but some animals at Cotswold Wildlife Park could not resist exploring the arctic conditions.

While keepers were hard at work ensuring the park can reopen tomorrow, several of the 250-plus species took some time to enjoy the snow.

Red Pandas, Wolverines and Pallas Cats are among the animals housed at the park at home in the freezing temperatures and all enjoyed the great outdoors over the weekend.

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Meanwhile, white Rhino Ruby and her calf Alan ignored the heated indoor Rhino House and instead opted for a closer look at the snow.

But some animals were oblivious to the snow, as park curator, Jamie Craig, explained.

He said: “All the animals have heated houses where needed and are currently unaware of the outside temperatures, unlike their keepers who are busy removing snow from the roof of the aviaries and clearing pathways."

It was initially feared the park would stay closed for the rest of the week, but keepers worked through the weekend to clear the snow.