HUNDREDS of exotic butterflies from around the world will be released into the Tropical Butterfly House at Blenheim Palace.

Species from South America, Africa, Australia and South Asia as well as a selection of native butterflies will be released into the specially designed conservatory this half term.

Staff will also deliver around 180 pupae from Africa and the Philippines which will be placed in the hatchery area where visitors can see them develop within their chrysalises before being released in to the main area.

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Witney Gazette:

Hilary Wood, head of gardens who is releasing the butterflies, said: “It will be an amazing sight to see the house filled with exotic butterflies. It is such an incredible process of nature to watch the butterflies emerge and for children and adults to learn more about these fantastic insects.”

The butterflies will share their home with a colony of lively zebra finches.

The Butterfly House will be open from Saturday, February 16.