LAYLA Moran's call for an inquiry into EU citizens being turned away from polling stations in last month's European elections has received cross-party support.

The Oxford West and Abingdon MP secured the backing of 68 MPs from six parties in the letter, sent to the chair of the Electoral Commission and the cabinet secretary yesterday.

Dozens of EU citizens living in Oxfordshire reported being denied their right to vote on May 23.

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The letter also outlines concerns about the issues faced by UK voters living abroad, which saw some ballot papers sent 'days, if not hours' before the poll.

Ms Moran said: “The government clearly has absolutely zero interest in enfranchising EU citizens – their actions show that.

“I’m delighted that so many of my colleagues, from six different parties and independents, have signed this letter.

"We may disagree on many things, but we all want to stand up for our constituents, neighbours, family members and loved ones who were turned away.

“This problem could have easily been avoided, and I’m frankly ashamed that this has happened in our country in 2019.”

The Liberal Democrat's letter comes five years after the Electoral Commission recommended reform following similar issues.

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It sets out recommended lines of enquiry, including the impact of the government's late confirmation of the election and how many non-EU citizens were denied their vote on polling day.

Some voters in Oxfordshire were reportedly told they were not allowed to vote because the elections had been announced at short notice.

Others were told it was down to administration issues, while one person said they turned up at the polling station to see their name 'crossed through'.