PATTERNS created by squares, rectangles, triangles and, in one case, even spheres of milk were captured this week as camera club members took on our 'geometric' theme.

Both the natural world and manmade structures proved fertile ground for producing impressive submissions.

Witney Gazette:

Wildlife featured in many snaps, with an image of the distinctive hexagonal inside of a bee hive taken by Shez McKechnie one of our stand outs.

We also enjoyed Denise Gurden's photograph of a glittering spider's web built between fence posts.

One of the most recognisable geometric examples in nature, meanwhile, was captured in Marian Payne's shot of a shell.

Witney Gazette:

She said: “This belonged to my father and nobody was ever allowed to touch it.

"Felt funny holding it today, but it went straight back in its box.”

Architecture also makes ample use of geometry and this was highlighted by many.

Witney Gazette:

We especially liked a shot of a Brutalist concrete car park in London, currently being demolished to make way for a hotel, which was taken by Darrell Godliman.

We also enjoyed another image by Shez McKechnie, this time of a stunning sunset seen through the spokes of a wheel.

Many people submitted shots of pylons and one of our favourites was a black and white photograph by Graham Davies. The high contrast helping the bold lines of the structure stand out.

Witney Gazette:

One of our favourite entries overall was a frozen moment of milk creating a geometric pattern of circular droplets as it splashes.

Sharing what went into producing the eye-catching shot on the Oxford Mail Camera Club page he wrote: “I haven’t done this for a while but the subject came up at the camera club and I did a talk on it.

"Got me fired up again to have another go - so last weekend and 3000 shots later..."

Witney Gazette:

Bryan Robertson commented: “Super shot Peter, a natural geometric shot which can never be repeated exactly.”

Next week’s theme is 'trees'.

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This week’s winning shot will appear in tomorrow’s paper.

Happy snapping!