THREE key planning applications in Oxford will be decided by city councillors tonight.

Up to 140 homes could be built in Gibbs Crescent, after current flats there have been demolished.

They would be built by A2Dominion, which also wants to knock down former homeless shelter, Simon House, in Paradise Street.

That would be replaced with a new block of 30 flats.

The company wants to build more affordable homes in Gibbs Crescent than it needs to but then build none in Simon House.

So far the city council’s housing officers said they are satisfied with that proposal – but councillors will decide whether they are happy with it when the West Area planning committee meets at 6pm.

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Whether the Saïd Business School can turn the empty Old Power Station into an executive business education centre as part of a £60m plan is also set to be decided.

Councillors were asked to approve the project in July.

But the committee told the business school to justify why it wanted the renovation for the building in Russell Street to be so big.

The school responded by moving part of it away from a road but retained most other aspects. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at Oxford Town Hall’s Old Library from 6pm.