A TRIP to Singapore taken by Henley MP John Howell was paid for by a professional group, he has declared.

Mr Howell visited Asia between August 17 and August 24 as part of his role as chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on alternative dispute resolution.

He went to ‘examine the development of Singapore as a global arbitration and mediation hub’.

Flights and accommodation for the trip cost £7,085.46.

That sum was paid by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, which is based in central London.

Oxford West and Abingdon’s Layla Moran declared she has received donations from people who have already supported her.

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Ms Moran declared she has been receiving donations from Hugo Brunner of £200 every month since January. Those donations will continue every month until December 2020.

Dermot Roaf has also given Ms Moran £1,000 in one payment – and is also paying £1,800 in £150 donations. They started in January and will end in December 2020.

Elsewhere, Aldershot’s MP Leo Docherty declared that he had bought a cottage in Oxfordshire, jointly with his wife, in August.

That was recorded in MPs’ register of interests this month.