OXFORD will be represented at a meeting in Germany of hundreds of councillors to discuss climate change from today.

John Tanner, who represents Littlemore on Oxford City Council, will be speaking in Rostock at Climate Alliance’s annual meeting. That will run from today until Friday.

Mr Tanner will be promoting the city council’s citizens assembly on climate change, which starts later this month.

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He said: “Oxford’s People's Assembly and the city council’s pledge to reach net zero carbon by 2030 is attracting widespread interest.

“Local councils taking action together on the Climate Emergency is a vital part of keeping global temperature rises below 1.5 degrees."

He added: "Individuals, businesses and governments all have their role to play in tackling the Climate Emergency.

“But local councils, including Oxford’s eight twin cities, all have their environmental programmes to stop our world over-heating."

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Mr Tanner, a former council leader, will tell the conference: “Every electric vehicle, cycle path, new woodland or wind turbine multiplied thousands of times, will make a significant difference to Europe’s overall carbon footprint.

“As elected councillors we must not betray the younger generation by being afraid to act on climate change.”