FROM photo-bombing insects to an incredible leaning tower Oxford Mail Camera Club was full of surprises this week.

Many members managed to capture people and animals caught by surprise.

We enjoyed Ian Jones’ snap of a dog leaping at another canine.

Sharing the image on the camera club Facebook he wrote: "When some one takes your tennis ball and you leap in to get it back!"

Witney Gazette:

Donna Cassettari's young granddaughter got her own surprise when the bird she was feeding started walking up her arm.

A cow, meanwhile, was caught sneaking up on a man fishing at Port Meadow from behind by Jay Bourton.

We loved how much fun members had with our ‘surprise’ theme.

A sight that would surprise many motorists could be found in Alan Coleman’s shot of a traffic-free Botley Road.

Witney Gazette:

Another recent Oxford surprise was the U’s 4-0 win against West Ham, which was immortalised in Simon Jaggs shot of the scoreboard.

The surprising beauty to be found in nature was also the focus for several submissions.

We loved Sarah Mason’s image of a simple raindrop looking stunning as it captures a reflection of the surrounding pink flowers.

Graham Cherry’s shot of a sky free from light pollution teaming with stars in Lanzarote was another favourite.

Witney Gazette:

Another stand-out submission was a black and white shot of horses in a field as morning mist swirls around them by Zenka Zmylerka Emilia Moch.

We love how the scene, taken near Bicester, was stumbled across completely by accident.

Witney Gazette:

She said: “I woke up at 3 am and got lost while driving around Oxfordshire. I took this picture when I was slowly coming home ... it was around 6am.”

We also enjoyed a butterfly with wings that could be easily mistaken for leaves taken by Denise Gurden.

Witney Gazette:

With the air beginning to have a noticeable nip to it, next week’s theme is ‘cosy’.

If we don’t have a least one image of a tea cosy we’ll be disappointed.

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This week’s winning shot will appear in tomorrow’s paper. Happy snapping!