HOMES at a new luxury estate built on a former WWII airfield are being considered by buyers.

Nearly 100 people and groups interested in buying homes visited Hayfield Green in the historic Oxfordshire village of Stanton Harcourt over its launch weekend between September 28 and 29.

Housebuilder Hayfield has said it is ‘breathing new life’ into the former airfield at RAF Stanton Harcourt.

Builders started work at the £25m site on the former Stanton Harcourt Airfield in June this year.

The first houses which have been released to market include two and three-bedroom homes and bungalows priced from £330,000.

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Kelly Sharman, Sales and Marketing Director for Hayfield said the homes were meant to appeal to families, first time buyers and downsizers.

She said: “There has been an unprecedented level of interest in Hayfield Green and the feedback has been genuinely overwhelming, especially the wonderful comments we have received from locals in the village.

“The collection of homes has been designed to appeal to first and second time buyers, families and downsizers, in order to create a thriving mini community.”

Witney Gazette:

The homes at the former airfield are built with brick, stone and render.

The 21-acre development features 66 two, three, four and five-bedroom homes, surrounded by areas of open space, including public walkways and historical monuments.

The houses are made with traditional brick, stone and render designs.

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A four-bedroom show home by renowned interior design consultancy, Lifestyle Interiors is now available to view seven days a week from 10am to 5pm. There are also house designs for vying purchasers to walk around by appointment.

Hayfield claims to have ‘immortalised’ the WWII RAF Airfield by opening it up to non-residents who are interested in the site’s history.

The company is refurbishing the bomber teaching building and crew lockers on site.

The developer has already restored the former guard house, which will be handed over to Stanton Harcourt Parish Council for use as a community hub when building concludes.

Witney Gazette:

Homes at the site are on sale from £330,000.

Other newly restored historic structures include the original water tower, three blast shelters and an underground air raid shelter, with information boards being erected to explain their heritage.

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Walking routes built across the site of the development will lead through the site and along the airfield’s former taxiway so residents and locals can tour the monuments on site.

Winston Churchill flew from the airfield for the 1943 Casablanca Conference, to plan the Allies’ strategy for the next phase of the Second World War.

It was also a starting point for a bomber raid on the Scharnhorst, a German battleship which played a pivotal role in battles throughout the war, until it was eventually sunk in 1943.