FILM and TV director Armando Iannucci is paying for coaches to take people from Oxford to London this weekend so they can join a 'People’s Vote' march demanding a second EU referendum.

The Oxfordshire resident, best known for his BBC political satire The Thick Of It, is sponsoring travel to the 'Together For The Final Say' demonstration in the capital on Saturday.

It is the third time he has paid for coaches to take people to a People’s Vote march, having also done it last October and in March this year, when a million people demonstrated in London.

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He is among a number of well-off celebrities paying get campaigners to this weekend's demonstration alongside Delia Smith, actor Natascha McElhone, Stoke City FC chairman Peter Coates and chairman of tech firm Westcoast PLC Joe Hemani.

More than 170 coaches have already been booked by local campaign groups across the UK to get to the Together For The Final Say march.

Witney Gazette:

File photo of a Peoples Vote march in London. Picture: Mike Kemp/ Getty Images

Organisers say it promises to be one of the largest protests Britain has ever seen, with people coming together 'to tell Boris Johnson that he cannot inflict a hard and destructive Brexit on the UK, without seeking the people’s democratic consent in a final say referendum'.

Mr Iannucci said: “I’m delighted to once again be able to support the People’s Vote Campaign by helping to get campaigners from Oxfordshire to the Together For The Final Say march this Saturday.

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“This Saturday, the Prime Minister is planning to be inside the gates of Parliament for an emergency debate on his Brexit. But outside, the people – young and old, rich and poor, left and right will be marching through the streets of London.

“Why? Because the people know that Brexit can’t be just left to the politicians like Boris Johnson. The only fair and democratic way to solve this crisis is to have a People’s Vote.”