EVEN animals got into the Halloween spirit last week as keepers at Cotswold Wildlife Park surprised them with some pumpkin delights.

Animals at the park based in Burford devoured pumpkins that were filled with their favourite treats.

Honey-lovers Zorro the giant anteater, Dobby the binturong, two tapirs Gomez and Lolly, and wolverines, were all treated to a honey-covered pumpkin.

Wolverines posses one of the most powerful bites per square inch of any mammal.

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The park's oldest resident, George the giant tortoise, sunk his 85-year old teeth into his pumpkin and demolished it 'surprisingly quickly'.

Fitting in with the Halloween theme, the collective noun for a group of tortoises is 'creep'.

Witney Gazette:

Keepers at the park also pictured is a bright green tree python weaving through the pumpkin and the park’s first mossy frog to be bred at the site who the team call ‘bobbly Bob’ perched on the pumpkin’s stem.

Chris Kibbey, section head of primates and small mammals, said: “As well as ghosts, ghouls and witches, the end of October also signifies an abundance of pumpkins. These make great enrichment items for our animals and allows the keepers to be a bit creative too.

“This year, our dwarf mongoose family experienced them for the first time, and the young triplets enjoyed putting their arms through the eye holes to get at the treats inside.

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“The pumpkin offered to the wolverine didn’t last long as they destroyed theirs to get at the contents. The giant tortoises, tapirs and giant anteaters also got into the Halloween spirit with their very own pumpkin treats too.”

Witney Gazette:

Cotswold Wildlife park often surprise their animals throughout the year with treats.

When the county experienced hot weather in the summer, animals were treated to ice cold watermelon and homemade fruit ice lollies to help keep them cool.