FIREFIGHTERS in Oxfordshire have helped to protect residents after flooding became so bad it posed a 'risk to life'.

Crews have also rescued drivers and passengers trapped in flood water today, according to an update this evening from Oxfordshire County Council.

Scroll down for the worst-affected roads

One flood warning remains in place for the county tonight, at the River Ray in Islip, while 18 less serious flood alerts are also still active.

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Matt Chapman of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Fire and rescue crews have rescued a number of people trapped in vehicles this morning and responded to reports of elderly or vulnerable people who friends and family have not been able to contact or reach.

"Additionally we have assisted with pumping out certain properties where a risk-to-life was identified due to flooding.

"Crews also worked alongside staff from Thames Water in Wendlebury to ensure the pumping station there continued to operate effectively."

Witney Gazette:

Flooding in Wendlebury. Picture: Oxfordshire County Council

Severe flood warnings are issued where there is a danger to life, but no such warning had been issued for Oxfordshire.

Mr Chapman did not specify where there was a risk to life, nor where vehicles became trapped.

The government's flood information service states: "River levels are high on the River Ray as a result of heavy rainfall over the past week.

"Flooding of low lying land and roads is expected to continue, and flooding of property remains possible in and near to Islip where the River Ray joins the River Cherwell."

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However, it said due to the dry forecast tonight, it expects the river level to continue falling.

Fields in Abingdon are among those that have flooded, and Abingdon Vale Cricket Club tweeted out a photo of its pitch submerged under water.

Eric Denton posted this photo on the Oxford Mail Camera Club, of flooding at Bablock Hythe.

Witney Gazette:

Pic: Eric Denton

Fellow Camera Club member Ian Marriott shared this photo of Oatlands Road Recreation Ground in West Oxford, showing swings submerged beneath the water.

Witney Gazette:

Pic: Ian Marriott

As of 5pm, the county council said these roads were flooded but passable with care:

  • The Old Minster in Minster Lovell
  • Lower Street, Islip
  • Marsh Gibbon Bicester Rd
  • Juncton of Evans Lane and Mill Street, Kidlington
  • Station Road, Launton
  • Ploughley Road, Lower Arncott
  • Fecot Road, Murcott
  • Station Road, Launton

It did not mention any road closures, which appear to have been lifted since a warning issued by the council this morning.