The hype around Black Friday sees customers panic-buying before Christmas but new study shows that stores might be fooling shoppers with dodgy deals.

This year the annual shopping experience falls on Friday, November 29.

Several brands at Westgate Oxford will drop their prices on the day and offers this year include up to 50 percent off at John Lewis, up to 60 percent off at Trespass and up to 50 percent off at Ann Summers.

Other major brands that are advertising their offers are the newly-opened clothing brand Phase Eight, Calvin Klein, Too Faced, GANT, Tommy Hilfiger and Aveda.

However, research by independent charity, Which?, investigated popular tech, home and personal care products and found that 95 percent of Black Friday deals were sold for the same price or even cheaper half a year later.

Which? tracked the prices of 83 products on offer in 2018's Black Friday deals across the year - for six months before the shopping day and six months after.

The charity urged customers to be careful before getting caught on money-saving offers.

Shoppers are advised to check prices of discounted merchandise  across multiple shops, price history and look out for signs detailing the offer.

Further guidance asks people to be wary of 'was prices' as some retailers inflate their prices in advance in order to make the sale seem misleadingly tempting.