A LOCAL history group is working on producing a book about the history of its parish.

Aston History Group’s ‘The History of Aston’ is set for publication in October 2020.

The group’s aim is to publish a book which tells the story of the parish in both an interesting and accessible way.

Aston, which is four miles south of Witney, has an interesting history says Andrew Long, the group’s chairman.

He said: “Aston had a uniquely democratic system of agriculture, was a centre for Basque refugees during the Spanish Civil War and had a very strong non- conformist tradition.

“There was also a very large Anglo-Saxon cemetery containing over 1,000 graves in Chimney.”

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The research for the book has been carried out principally by Mr Long, Martin Bowley, Russell La Forte and Trevor Jackson.

However it is a group project and all members are involved in some capacity.

Over the last 25 years, the group has built up an extensive archive collection.

It has roughly 3,000 items, which includes maps, newspapers, photographs, audio recordings and more.

The group are looking for anyone who can contribute more material and if you are able to help, contact Andrew Long at: ag.long@virgin.net or Martin Bowley at: aston.historygroup@hotmail.co.uk