There was an article in the Oxford Mail recently regarding the fact that a whole container of rubbish intended for recycling had to be disposed of as it was contaminated. I'm sure this contamination wasn't deliberate but the people concerned probably needed further guidance as to what can and can't be recycled.

Here in West Oxfordshire we have a high percentage recycling figure, but we could make this even higher if we had more information as to what we are able to recycle.

For instance, take the ordinary ready meal carton – we all know the cardboard outer can go in the blue bin, but what about the cellophane lid, does that go in the blue bin or the grey waste bin? What about the tray, is it good enough if we just scrape out the contents into the small food waste bin, or should we actually be washing this out?

It's a different sort of plastic, so is the pack containing bacon rashers recyclable?

What do we do with the foil from the Christmas turkey? Do we put that in the blue or grey bin? What about the bones and carcass?

Answers please, West Oxfordshire District Council.

Would it be a good idea if they did a video interview with staff sorting our recycling to find out what they are looking for, and how we can help them?

Bob Hounslow

Squires Close

Brize Norton

IN OXFORD, in the early 1940s, we had the blackout and air raid sirens, but we lads were lucky.

We had our clubs – Balliol Boys, Wolvercote Boys, Oxford and Worcester Boys, YMCA, Summertown, West Oxford, Rose Hill and St Christopher's.

They were great clubs with great leaders.

They offered darts, table tennis, chess, boxing, football, cricket and rowing.

The annual boxing tournament in the Town Hall was always a sellout and was great competition.

We went by bus or on our bikes or walked, and there were no knives. They were happy days.


Princes Street