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At the weekend we heard how 'more than 500' people gathered in Oxford Parkway train station car park to watch boy racers zoom around make shift tracks and parked cars.

But police couldn’t shut it down because they ‘didn’t have enough officers’.

Here’s what you had to say:

• "Perhaps Mr Stansfield could send the offenders an email..?

Quentin Walker

• "If there isn’t enough police, we should start using the army for support, like other countries do."

Ron Don

• "Come on now, they are dealing with much more serious crimes than a bunch of plebs playing with their cars. They’re probably not taking drugs or drinking alcohol. They’re probably not beating people up, robbing people, committing burglaries nor rapes or murders. So give ‘em a break. They’ve been quite responsive to antisocial behaviour and burglaries recently. They’re clearly overwhelmed, and this is obviously not top priority.

"Their risk assessment to get 500 cars out of somewhere and find the resources to deal with that would be ridiculous for the severity of the crime in action compared to what’s going on out there."


Witney Gazette:

Last weekend also saw the return of the Red Rebels environmental protestors. This time they held a funeral-like demonstration in the streets of Witney, dressed in blood red robes while carrying a coffin.

You said this:

• "Now the novelty has worn off they just look bonkers"."


• "Yep, I think they are getting a bit silly now and are not helping the cause. The environmental movement needs to get back to basics and be less sensationalist."


• "It’s so easy to sit on the sidelines and make snide comments. The Red Rebels deserve respect."


Witney Gazette:

On Tuesday a retired binman and brexit-supporter Dave Shorter was threatened with being arrested outside his home if he didn't remove anti-EU signs which were apparently causing offence.

Our readers commented:

• "My hero."


• "Oh. Cry me a river. Just replace the sign or change the word. Stop being a snowflake!"

Derek Duvall

• "Haven’t the police got anything better to do, like catching criminals? Good on that man."

Sue Wizzz

• "Get your rubbish off public land. If you want to display your idiocy, do it in the window of your own home."


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