MORE than 600 more people have died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Here are the government's latest results: 

  • Today, as of 9am, 195,524 people have been tested for coronavirus 
  • Of those 195,524 people, 47,806 people were confirmed positive. 
  • Of those tested by 5pm on Saturday evening 4,934 died
  • This represents an increase, since yesterday, of 621 deaths and 5,903 positive tests
  • 12,334 more people have  been tested for Covid-19. 

Here are yesterday's figures in brief: 

  • Yesterday morning (Saturday at 9am) 183,190 people had been tested for coronavirus 
  • Of those, 41,903 people were confirmed positive 
  • 4,313 people had died over the previous 24 hours, after having contracted the virus.

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