THE sunny weather experienced across Oxfordshire this weekend led some people to break the current self-isolation guidelines.

As the second week of the lockdown came to a close yesterday, many saw the conditions as an opportunity to get out and catch some sunshine.

However, Thames Valley Police officers were on patrol to find those making non-essential journeys.

The force said it ‘stopped a large number of people this weekend’, who were out making non-essential journeys.

Among them was a man who was driving to jet wash his mother’s patio, and another man driving a 50 mile round trip to do some shopping.

The force said riding a motorbike did not count as self-isolation.

Last week, a dad and his son were stopped by police in Bicester while playing a Pokemon game on a phone.

Can I drive to a park to walk the dog?

Police had been out in the town asking drivers where they were going.

Officers said that trips such as that were not essential and placed a great strain on the emergency services.

What are the new police rules and how much is a fine?

Although officers have said they always aim to explain the new regulations to people, the force warned that fines may be given to those making unnecessary journeys.

The public have been asked to inform on groups breaking social distancing guidelines – if the incident is ongoing – by calling 101.

As usual, if a life is threatened or a crime is in progress, then 999 should be called.

Anything else related to coronavirus can be reported online at