AN OXFORDSHIRE woman is doing her bit to put smiles on the public's faces as they pass her house.

49-year-old Lisa Senior created this colourful creation, which she has now attached to her gate.

Homes across the country have been adorned with drawings and paintings of rainbows in order to spread hope and some positivity to passersby.

The trend has been a big hit on social media and Mrs Senior said she was inspired by the sight of the rainbows in the windows of homes.

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"Whoever started putting the rainbows in windows, it was a great idea," she said.

"It took me about three hours to make the rainbow and I've laminated it and everything.

"I didn't expect anyone to be bothered by it, I just wanted to contribute something.

"I'm trying to bring a bit of sunshine and recognition to these people who are doing so much for us, everyone down to your local shopkeeper.

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"We are so lucky to have the NHS and all the volunteers who have come back to help out without any fuss, simply because they enjoy helping people.

"I've been cleaning out the garden and so many people have been stopping and taking photos."

Mrs Senior is a carer for her son, who has Asperger's and loves his mum's creation.

She moved to Brize Norton, from Cleveleys, Lancashire, via London, where she worked in the film industry.