Dear editor,

Can I just say thank you to all the amazing people in our road who did wonders to celebrate VE Day.

This year's celebrations, of course, were very low-key, but a neighbour did the most amazing display, including 1940 costumes, life-sized uniformed soldier and sandbags, and at a distance I got to crank up the eerie wail of an air raid siren – quite hard work!

Dave and Lyn Lewis had pushed the boat out at Spar (only thing mission was ration books!) which looked wonderful, and cake too.

Unfortunately, there were not too many of us at the war memorial for two minutes' silence (as usual some cars did not slow down, some did) and my rendition of Vera Lynn's White Cliffs of Dover was well received afterwards.

A long time has passed since Neville Chamberlain informed us that 'Britain is now at war with Germany,' and Winston Churchill declared 'hostilities will cease at one minute past midnight'.

Each year I have the privilege of photographing Minster Remembrance Service, and we clap each week for 'our heroes', but may we never forget the true heroes of 1939-45 and 1914-18 who never returned from wars either.

To all who made VE Day amazing, especially as things are at present, thank you.

It may have been quiet, but it was very memorable.

Dorothy Holloway

Wenrisc Drive

Minster Lovell