DISGRUNTLED yobs smashed up three bee hives in a senseless attack that left a West Oxfordshire keeper ‘absolutely gutted and angry’.

The owner, who has asked to remain anonymous, discovered the vandalised hives when he visited the village of Cassington where his bee farm is located.

Furious, he took to social media on Saturday to post photographs of the scene of the incident and to appeal for information.

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He wrote: “Well I have been keeping bees for five years now.

“It has had its ups and downs but today is definitely my worst.

“I reckon this has happened in the last 48 hours, so if anyone knows of any kids from the area who have been stung recently this may be the answer.”

Many Facebook users were shocked to see the scattered pieces of wood and the post had more than 300 comments, 1,400 shares and 600 likes.

Witney Gazette:

One local well-wisher, Claire Spence-Parsons, encouraged the bee keeper to keep going.

She added: “I truly hope that the bees are alright and hat the colony survives.

“Bless you, that is a horrible sight to return to.

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“I bet it is one of the things that has kept you sane at this time, so please try not to be too disheartened.

“You are doing a really wonderful thing, helping bees, the environment, and yourself.”

Another horrified Facebook user, Summer Townsend, said: “It puzzles me how anyone could do this to another person’s property, let alone property with animals in.

“I love bees and I just feel so sad for them.

“I hope majority of the items can be saved and things look up for yourself and the bees.”

While the bee keeper did not report the incident to Thames Valley Police, he said he posted the photos on social media to make the local community aware and to discourage vandals from attempted such a thing again.