A TRIO of Oxfordshire firefighters appeared in homes across the nation this weekend after wowing judges on Britain’s Got Talent.

In unseen clips from the ITV show, aired at the weekend, Christian Orr, 40, Adam Cook, 40, and Andy Jones, 39, who all work as firefighters in the county, preformed a winning rendition of Tom Walker’s Leave the Light On.

The group got a standing ovation from the audience before Amanda Holden kicked off the comments by asking her fellow judge David Walliams: “You seemed to like that a lot?”

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The comedian and author replied: “What is there not to like about you three…wow, wow, wow.”

He explained: “You’re easy on the eye and there’s something for everybody in a way isn’t there - whatever your taste.

“You are firefighters…are you trained to lift people?”

Mr Orr, pictured on the left, said 'yes' before nominating Mr Cook, the one in the middle, as the best man for the job.

Mr Walliams confirmed: “So…even someone who is, say, 17 stone?” before leaping out of his seat.

Witney Gazette:

Mr Orr then hoisted Mr Walliams onto his shoulder, assisted by Mr Cook, and they carried him down the stairs back to his chair.

Alicia Dixon, another judge on the show, also sang their praises.

The Boy Does Nothing singer added: “Okay boys, brilliant, brilliant song choice. Love the way all your voices blend together and I also love the way, like you said, that you’re all doing this because you’re passionate about it and I commend you on a really strong audition.

“Well done.”

Next it was Amanda Holden who ‘couldn’t agree more’ with her fellow judge.

She said: “The harmonising, the arrangement, that was really good and you look great up there.”

Simon Cowell, arguably the most ‘important’ judge when it comes to singing auditions, pointed out that Mr Orr looked ‘absolutely knackered’ before he gave his critique.

He said: “I always like actually, people who have regular jobs who want to do something else and worked hard to do it and you tick every box on that. This is what makes this show so special. So, it’s a really good audition well done.”

Mr Walliams took his vote first saying: “Firefighters, you get a yes from me!”

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As the crowd leapt out of their seats roaring with cheers, the other three agreed and the group were sent through to the next round.

Taking to social media Mr Orr said it had been a blur adding: "Standing on the stage of the London Palladium is something I'll never ever forget."

Mr Cook said: "Thanks to everybody that watched the audition and took the time to send me a message."

"I really appreciate your support."

It is not yet known how far in the competition the group got.