TWO business partners have switched up their events business during lockdown by launching a new cocktail delivery service.

Anthony Spackman, 35, and Dominic Roche, 34, are delivering bottles of cocktails to people’s homes with their new venture Pronto Cocktails.

The drinks are ready-made, come in six varieties and do not require customers to do any mixing for themselves.

The pair decided to start the service when the country went into lockdown.

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Mr Spackman said: “We’ve run an events business, Exquisite Cocktails, for eight years and we usually do about 250 events every year.

"But after what happened, they all got halted straight away and we received cancellation after cancellation.

"We were developing a new cocktail draught system where you can get cocktails straight from the tap, like beer.

“We were about to launch it and then this kicked off so we decided to deliver bottles.

“We haven’t got help from the Government’s grant or furlough scheme so we’ve just had to get on with it really.”

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Mr Spackman and Mr Roche work from their office in Watlington, but their new cocktail delivery business will serve people in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Mr Spackman added: “We’ve done some leaflet drops in the area and have asked people to give us a call if interested.

“We’ve got quite a few orders this week which is good. We’re also finding that lots of people are supporting small local businesses at the moment during lockdown which is great.”

The pair’s online cocktail shop should be up and running this week and they have six cocktails on offer for people to choose from.

These are: mojito, pornstar Martini, espresso Martini, lychee on the lips, bramble and botanist - which is a limited edition drink.

With the drinks already made, the pair hope people will be drawn to ordering.

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Mr Spackman said: “They are all ready to drink. You just have to chill them then give them a shake and pour into a glass – the Martini without ice and the others with ice.”

With their events business Exquisite Cocktails they have worked with the Henley Royal Regatta and Hugo Boss.

Mr Spackman dealt with the events side of the business whereas Mr Roche focused on the drinks side.

Another cocktail delivery business based in Oxford has also launched recently.

Cowley-based duo Mathias Rothmann and Caitlin Langford launched Bearded Viking Drinks earlier this month.

The idea for them came about when Mr Rothmann and Ms Langford, who are from Denmark and Glasgow respectively, started experimenting with making cocktails at their home in Temple Cowley.

They also deliver bottled versions of popular cocktails to doorsteps across the city and beyond.

Its first weekend of business saw them sell their products as far afield as Northern Ireland.

Pronto Cocktails' website is