HUNDREDS of people have been slapped with a fine for flouting coronavirus lockdown rules in the Thames Valley.

Since lockdown measures were announced on March 27, until May 25, 878 fines have been handed out.

It’s the fifth most fines handed out across all police forces in England.

This time last month it was revealed that TVP had issued the most Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) in the entire country, including some of the bigger forces like London’s Metropolitan Police and others with a dense population like the capital’s City Police.

Since then figures have been tweaked slightly to 864 – two less.

At the time police said that 10 fines had been given out to one group alone.

Another family were fined four times for driving 300 miles from Bristol

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Now new data released yesterday from the police chief’s office shows a significant reduction in the number of fines issued by police since lockdown measures were eased.

In the two weeks leading up to May 25, only 14 fines have been divvied out to people breaking the rules in Oxfordshire, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire.

TVP no longer holds the top spot for the most fines given out with the Met Police on 1,035, North Yorkshire on 1,032, Devon and Cornwall on 906 and West Yorkshire on 881.

Across England 15,552 FPNs have been recorded.

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