WITNEY has reacted after two teenagers were the victims of a sickening assault in the town over the weekend.

The attack, which left the victims requiring medical assistance, was filmed on a mobile phone, and was later circulated and watched by many online.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) is investigating the incident in which a boy and a girl were attacked near Cogges Hill Road, on Saturday.

Mobile phone footage, believed to have been recorded on Snapchat, shows two youngsters launching a series of attacks on the victims.

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The girl can be seen being kicked down to the ground, as she covers her face from the punches.

One of the attackers can be heard yelling ‘I am going to f*** you up’ and ‘I do not give a f*** if you are a girl’ as he stamped on her head.

Police urged members of the public not to share the distressing footage on social media.

Following the incident, two 15-year-old boys were interviewed voluntarily by police about the attack.

It is believed that one of the boys’ mother had turned him in to police herself, as she was ‘devastated and mortified by his actions’ when she discovered what had happened.

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Witney town councillor Rosa Bolger deplored the attack.

She said: “This is a very worrying and rare incident to have happened in our town, especially after months of good news stories of our community supporting one another.

“My thoughts are with the victims and their families, and my praise with TVP, who are working hard to bring those responsible to justice.”

Witney Gazette:

Fellow town councillor Duncan Enright added: “We’ve seen during the last few months the very best of Witney as a town with people looking after each other.

“The police have worked very hard to keep our town safe during the lockdown period, but incidents such as these are not acceptable.

“We we will do everything we can to support the police in their investigation, but luckily incidents such as this are quite rare in Witney.”

Witney Gazette:

Witney & West Oxfordshire MP Robert Courts added: “This was a truly shocking and sickening attack. I urge anyone with information to contact the police to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

The incident sparked outrage online with people questioning the supposed lack of punishment or deterrent for such offences by young people.

Commenting on a post on the Spotted Witney Facebook page, Elizabeth Blackwood said: “There is a minority of self-centred idiots who have no respect for themselves, far less anybody else. I hope and pray that this unjust justice system deals harshly with the culprits after the police have arrested them.”

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Gordon Reid added: “An understanding of the reasons behind action is key. Of course punishment is required, but the notion it acts as a deterrent is misplaced. We need to deal with the underlying issues in society.”

Many were appalled by the head stamping seen in the video, as Karl Leggett said: “Head stamping should be considered to be attempted murder in my eyes.”

Anybody with information about the incident can contact the police on 101, or by making a report online, quoting reference number 43200193442.