A YEAR AGO today Mini unveiled its first-ever electric car at the Oxford plant. 

At the time company bosses hailed the new 100per cent battery-powered model as an 'exciting milestone in the Plant Oxford history'.

Mini UK director David George said the car boasted everything people 'love about Mini' with the added benefits of it being electric. 

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Here we take a look back at the new design and the events leading up to it.


The car is emission-free and went into production in November but was due to hit the streets earlier this year. 

It has a starting price of £24,400 and was rolled off the production line at the same time the first-ever Mini was made in the same plant 60 years before. 

Witney Gazette:

  • 100 per cent battery-powered
  • Fully electric 
  • 'go-kart handling' 
  • Instantly recognisable as a Mini
  • Zero emissions
  • Four driving modes 
  • 0-62mph in 7.3seconds
  • 80 per cent charge at a fast-charging station in just 35 minutes 
  • New electric badging
  • Redesigned front bumper for pedestrian safety
  • Digital dashboard 


The original Mini rolled off the production line at Oxford in 1959.

Designed by Sir Alex Issigonis, it was born out of the demand for affordable motoring. 

They became popular in the 1960s, featuring as getaway cars in movie The Italian Job and being driven by pop stars and fashion legends.

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Cheap, easy to manoeuvre and with an unusual shape, demand for the cars has continued for 60 years.

The new model had been in the pipeline for years. 

German company bosses announced in July 2017 that the new battery-elecric three-door hatch would go into production in Oxford In 2019.

The confirmation came after months of speculation about where the electric model would be built with suggestions Britian’s decision to leave the EU could have an impact Cowley’s branch.