Boris Johnson has announced that a further easing of lockdown restrictions will be postponed.

Venues that had been due to open tomorrow will not do so until at least August 15.

These include bowling alleys, skating rinks and casinos.

Wedding receptions will also not be allowed to take place from tomorrow.

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The Prime Minister says people in England will be encouraged to wear face coverings in new settings, such as museums, places of worship and cinemas, from August 8.

He said this postponement is to 'squeeze the break pedal in order to keep the virus under control'.

He added: "We cannot be complacent and I won't stand by and allow this virus to threaten to cause more pain and heartache in our country."

"We have to act rapidly in order to protect those we love," he said.

The guidance on working from home remains the same, including getting back to work in the workplace to be encouraged from tomorrow.

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The 'national pause' on shielding will also still go ahead from tomorrow.

Mr Johnson has laucnhed a new slogan: "Hands, face, space, get a test."