PEOPLE in Oxfordshire who have a loss of vision are invited to test out 'cutting-edge' smart glasses developed by an Oxford-based company.

The glasses were made by a team of scientists and clinicians who are experts in developing technologies at Med Tech company OXSIGHT.

They make it easier for those living with central vision loss to recognise faces, perform up close tasks and read.

Smart glasses are a wearable electronic device, similar to those used with virtual reality headsets.

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OXSIGHT's ones can enhance vision for those living with sight loss as they project a magnified live stream from a small central mounted camera to screens placed in front of the eye.

The company has created a new model called OXSIGHT Onyx, specifically for people who suffer from central and general field vision loss, and needs people to test them out for free.

The first sessions will be held in OXSIGHT’s office in Sandford Gate, Oxford. on August 18, 19, 25 and 26. It would like those with macular conditions to take part and experience benefits for themselves.

When OXSIGHT tested a previous smart glasses model, 100 per cent of users said facial recognition was improved and 75 per cent said they could read better while wearing them.

It comes after a 2018 report by Vision Matters put Oxford in the top UK cities with the highest risk of avoidable sight loss.

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With a population of more than 680,000 across Oxfordshire there are close to 25,000 people living with sight loss, registered blind or sight impaired which OXSIGHT says is likely to have a 30 per cent increase by 2030.

Dr Rakesh Roshan, CEO of OXSIGHT, said: “We believe that 75 per cent of people with central vision loss will benefit from these cutting-edge smart glasses, especially due to the further isolation caused by Covid-19.

"The feedback we’ve received is that Onyx is life-changing because it gives people back their independence. To people with degenerative eye disease, that is invaluable.”

Once the first batch of testing is completed, OXSIGHT will be looking to bring their smart glasses to other regions in the UK for people to try.

Cathy Yelf, CEO of the Macular Society said: “Technology can often be a great way of providing solutions to everyday tasks and helping people with vision impairment to connect with the world around them.

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"Recently, our members have been trialling OXSIGHT’s new smart glasses – Onyx – and we have had positive feedback about their potential to make a difference to the everyday lives of those living with sight loss.”

To get involved, contact the OXSIGHT customer care team on 01865 580255 or email