A KEY worker has been reunited with an envelope full of money they left outside Waitrose.

The cash was discovered by good samaritan Sam Hatton next to the supermarket in The Woolgate Centre, Witney, yesterday afternoon.

He then posted on the Spotted Witney Official Facebook page, asking the owner to reply to the message with the names written on the envelope.

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Late last night, Mr Hatton gave an update: "I’m happy to say there’s some good news!

"I have managed to track down the owner of the money!

"The owner works for Witney Hospital and will be reunited with their cash very soon."

The message prompted a flood of praise for Mr Hatton's honesty.

One commenter wrote: "The majority of people would have pocketed the money. Its nice to know that there are are decent people out there."

Another added: "Probably someone's wages. A treat would be coming your way had you found mine. You should hold your head high."

Some commenters had jokingly leapt at the chance to pocket the cash, with one saying: "How many guesses do I get at the names?"