When a child loses a limb, it can be incredibly sad to watch. They have their entire lives ahead of them and all of a sudden, they need to learn to live without an arm or a leg. Of course, in 2020, living without a limb is much easier thanks to new developments in technology. As scientists and tech experts work together, the future is certainly looking bright for these young people. Read on to hear more about the work that is being done.

The issue

Back in 2019, it was reported that the NHS were conducting a record number of amputations for a number of reasons. While some people get in accidents or have medical emergencies that require their limbs to be amputated, others are born with issues that lead to this kind of surgery. There are many young people in the UK who have to live with this kind of problem, and it can seriously affect their progress when it comes to learning and living a “normal” life.

A brighter future

Over the years, the technology that we use has developed enough that we can now offer young people in the UK the chance to replace that missing limb. While we can’t exactly offer them a treatment that will make a limb feel as though it is as it was before, there are certain things that can happen.

Some fantastic organisations have been working to fund research into bionic limbs and make these more accessible for young people in the UK. Future Bionics is a prime example of this and the work that they are doing is very inspirational. As a result of the work completed by Future Bionics, the funding of bionic multi-grip myoelectric controlled prosthetic arms is possible.

What is next?

The bionic industry has come on leaps and bounds over recent years but there is still a lot to be done. While bionic limbs are much more accessible than they were before, further progress can be made to ensure young people and those of the older generation can have functioning limbs once again.

Of course, this requires funding from both scientific bodies, the government and individuals to really make a difference. For the young people who have already received these Hero Arms, their lives are only just getting started.

Final verdict

As you can see, the future certainly looks much brighter for young people in the UK who might be able to receive a bionic arm in the future. While they can still live their lives in a great way without these bionic limbs, they certainly make things a bit easier. If you are interested in bionics at all, you should make sure to pay attention to what is happening in this area. Hopefully, as these foundations work together, bionic limbs will only be the beginning for people who have suffered enough in their lives.