DRIVERS will be forced to slow down on a roundabout south of Witney in the near future.

The speed limit on a roundabout south of the A40 which splits to New Close Lane, Ducklington Lane, and the A415 will be reduced to 30mph.

The stretch of the A415 either side of the roundabout currently has a 40mph speed limit.

There are also plans to stop people from parking at any time on either side of New Close Lane near the rounbabout, the road which leads to Witney's sewage treatment plant..

The plans were approved by Yvonne Constance, the councillor responsible for overseeing transport and environment issues for Oxfordshire.

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Local councillor for Witney West Ted Fenton wrote to Ms Constance, asking for further changes to be considered to the speed limit on the A415 in the future.

Mr Fenton's letter said: "That the section of the A415 between Cokethorpe School and this roundabout being at the national speed limit while the rest of the road all the way to Abingdon is 50mph seems illogical."

He asked Ms Constance to consider whether the section of the road should also be slowed down to 50 mph in the future.

Council officer Anthony Kirkwood said it had been considered for changes in a review of speed limits 10 years ago.

But he added it could be brought back to another meeting for a slower speed limit to be considered in the future.

The new speed limit changes endorsed by Ms Constance are being paid for with cash from a developer.