Former Prime Minister David Cameron has flagged up his voluntary work with a Chipping Norton 'foodbank'.

The former MP for Witney has spoken briefly about life during lockdown in an interview with Times Radio to promote the paperback edition of his memoirs.

And he gave a mention to The Chippy Larder, a community food hub in Chipping Norton, near where he lives, which is part of the SOFEA network.

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Witney Gazette:

In April Mr Cameron, MP for Witney from 2001 to 2016, revealed he was one of 35 volunteers in Chipping Norton doing their bit to ensure the region remained fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said he got involved as he ‘wanted to do something to help out’ and he helped to deliver hundreds of parcels from the town leisure centre to places including Carterton to Kidlington every Friday.

Mr Cameron, who has a family home in Dean near Chipping Norton, collected food parcels on a weekly basis, including non-perishables and a bag of fruit and vegetables, and delivered them himself to various locations.

He said at the time: “I’d been helping St Mary’s Church and they told me about The Chippy Larder.

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“What’s amazing is that more volunteers are joining in – the Big Society is alive and well in West Oxfordshire.

“It’s been interesting walking around Chipping Norton and the streets where I used to canvas, and it’s been nice to reconnect with those communities.

“The public response to coronavirus has been truly magnificent and people are protecting the NHS and saving lives, as the motto goes."

The former PM also said the government was doing 'a very good job in difficult circumstances' and added: "I’m willing them on."

Mr Cameron was helped out by his daughter Nancy as he helped with the food distribution.

Witney Gazette:

The Chippy Larder was the brainchild of town councillor Rizvana Poole.

She said earlier: "My vision is for this to be a place where people can come and receive help."

Referring to Mr Cameron she said: "For me, he’s just another volunteer helping the community, he’s always willing to help in whatever way he can.”

Witney Gazette:

The food donations are provided for free by SOFEA, a South Oxfordshire anti-food waste campaign group.

It sources surplus produce from the food industry and then supplies it for free to charities.

At The Chippy Larder for £3.50 members can choose 10 store cupboard items for themselves. These will include the weekly staples such as pasta, tinned food, tea and in addition, customers will also receive a bag of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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In the radio interview Mr Cameron said he spoke to Prime Minister Boris Johnson "from time to time".

Witney Gazette:

and that he and Johnson spoke or texted “from time to time”, was less forthright on UK politics.

He added Mr Johnson should reinstate the former health and foreign secretary Hunt and other “big beasts” to the cabinet.

Witney Gazette:

Chipping Norton Community Church and the town's Baptist church support the North Oxfordshire Foodbank, a different organisation from The Chippy Larder.