A STRANGE note referencing children being ‘farmed for blood’ has been posted to a resident in Witney.

The note was delivered on Sunday and advises to ‘research Donald Trump and the rescue of thousands of children from underground tunnels by Marines who blow up the tunnels afterwards’.

The note further states that the children are being ‘farmed for blood and adrenochrome which is used by the beautiful people of Hollywood to stay young forever’.

It continues: “The children are sacrificed for this. Some children are born down there and never see the sun or sky.

“Many actors and prominent people are under house arrest pending death.

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“The real reason for lockdown is the blowing up of the tunnels, not a virus which does not exist.”

The note ends: ‘wake up, do some research’.

Photos of the mysterious note were posted on the Spotted Witney Facebook page.

The message matches the beliefs of conspiracy theorists, QAnon.

The theory suggests that Donald Trump is secretly battling a clandestine network of Satan-worshipping elites.

Witney Gazette: The note delivered to a resident in West OxfordshireThe note delivered to a resident in West Oxfordshire

Witney Gazette: Second side of the mysterious noteSecond side of the mysterious note

One theory, Pizzagate, suggests Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party politicians were running a paedophile ring from a Washington pizza restaurant.

This led to US man Edgar Maddison Welch to enter the restaurant – Comet Ping Pong – on December 4, 2016 armed with a rifle and a pistol.

No one was injured in the incident, despite Welch firing an assault rifle into a locked cabinet, believing abused children were being kept there. He was sentenced to four years in prison.