A WITNEY man who also works and resides in Los Angeles, and writes music for the BBC, has released an EP, which is available as a cassette.

Andy Hill, 43, released Impact earlier this month.

The recording is influenced by Mr Hill’s experiences of lockdown, which has seen him stuck in his hometown, rather than on America’s west coast.

Impact is the second EP released by the former Henry Box School pupil, following debut recording Ventura Blvd.

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“I’ve been writing music for a long time and I’ve been a DJ for a long time, and the combination of these things has influenced me,” said Mr Hill.

“I’ve been writing the EP from lockdown onwards, it tells the story of what lockdown was.

“I was walking round and there was nobody around, it was an alien landscape at that time when you couldn’t see anybody outside your household.

“The EP is about the sense of being shut off from the world.

Witney Gazette:

“Impact is like a walk through deserted streets with only a vague memory of halcyon times.

“Nostalgic and anxious, the EP takes us from trepidation and alienation to a hopeful desire to move onward.

“It’s an aptly-named EP for a surreal era when time and space have taken on new meaning.”

Since its release on October 2, Mr Hill said the recording has had radio support from stations in Canada, Germany and Poland.

Meanwhile, in America, it has been played on stations in Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle.

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The EP differs from the average track on the radio or in the charts, as it feature no vocals.

Mr Hill said this was something he has been looking forward to working on for a long time.

“It’s completely instrumental, although usually I collaborate with vocalists,” he said.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and see how far you can go with instrumentals.

“A lot of the time these days, it’s expected that there’s vocals but this is out there to buck those trends and do something that’s not expected.”

Witney Gazette:

Mr Hill’s career has seen him work on various projects, including extensive work with the BBC.

He said: “I remix for other people and write music for BBC Sport.

“I write music beds for BBC Sport, they’re the bits that join segments of the show together, the bits of instrumental under montages.”

Mr Hill has written music beds for some of the BBC’s biggest sporting shows including Match of the Day, and coverage of the Olympics and the UEFA European Football Championships.

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Impact can be downloaded via online music company Bandcamp, with cassettes also available to purchase.

Mr Hill said: “The cassettes are flying, which is great.

“The EP is on all the big places too like Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

“My last release got 35,000 streams on Spotify so you have to go on these platforms and put yourself in the shop window.

“However, cassettes are very retro and once again it’s all about subverting those expectations.”