MEN were ten times more likely to be charged with domestic abuse than women in Oxfordshire last year.

Between January and October, Thames Valley Police (TVP) made 496 domestic abuse-related charges.

Of those, 452 of the charged were men, and just 44 were women.

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This means men are charged with 91 per cent of the domestic abuse claims in Oxfordshire, and women only account of nine per cent.

The data includes people who have been charged multiple times.

Between January and October 2020, TVP in total recorded 11,304 domestic abuse related occurrences.

Of these, 6,142 were classified as crimes, but only 496 charges were brought.

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Detective Superintendent Becky Mears, head of Thames Valley Police’s protecting vulnerable people department, said: “We also encourage families, friends, colleagues and neighbours to be vigilant and call the police if they believe domestic abuse is affecting the lives of their loved ones or their neighbours.

“If you are in immediate danger please call 999, or if you are not in immediate danger you can call 101, you can get further support from the many partner agencies or charitable organisations which help a wide variety of people who are victims of domestic abuse. Please do report so that we can help you.”