It's arguably the best town in Oxfordshire (we may be biased), but how do you spot a true Witney resident?

From complete devotion to their favourite eateries, to a constant longing for a KFC, there are a few unmistakable signs that set Witney locals apart from others in the county.

Here are all the ways you can tell someone is from Witney.

1. They are constantly talking about KFC

The town has nearly everything... just not a KFC. 

2. They will drive miles for a Sandwich de Witney baguette

It is more than a sandwich shop: it is a religion.

3. Don't mention the new A40 roundabout

No really, don't.

4. Fame is appearing on the Spotted Witney page

Forget Hollywood A-listers. It's Spotted Witney that'll be coming to a cinema near you.

5. They've had a drink in every pub

Pubs? Completed them mate.

6. A hospital appointment is a big day out

If your appointment is at 9am, prepare for an early rise. You probably still won't get there on time.

7. They know about the monkey

Hush now, in case the outsiders hear.

8. They know what a Lardy cake is

Ten points if you can describe it in five words or less.

9. Oxford is a big night out

No explanation needed.

10. The name Rocky means something to them

Every town has its local legends.

11. Brewery yeast is their perfume

Love it or hate it, it's the eau de Witney.

12. They buy the Witney Gazette

Last, but certainly not least ;)