A woman who sunk into depression due to constant pain has rediscovered her talent for nail art.

Sarah Holmes, 39, who is supported by home care provider Bluebird Care West Oxfordshire, has now passed 12 nail art courses and is awaiting the results of two nail tech exams.

She said: “A nail technician called Lisa Graves saw that I had a passion for nails and encouraged me to do some courses, so I was able to work from home. After losing all my confidence, Bluebird Care West Oxfordshire helped motivate and encouraged me to restart my courses after four years of sinking lower and lower into a depression.

“The care assistants turned my spare room into my nail room, my sanctuary, where I have found myself again.

“I get lost in my artwork when I am creating, even though I am in constant pain, my concentration is such that the pain becomes a background noise, and I am completely capable of managing my pain levels.”

She added: “I count myself lucky to have the Witney team as my team! Under their guidance, I have found the confidence to take my manicure courses and enter my various nail technician and nail art courses.”

Ruth Allardice, Ms Holmes’ Bluebird Care West Oxfordshire care assistant, said: “Her nail art is beautiful, and it has been amazing over lockdown to have my nails done to help her train for her exams.”

Ms Holmes’s nail art creations can be seen at Pretty Birds Beauty on Facebook, and @prettybirdsbeauty on Instagram.