Gym goers and swimmers have slated the “glitching” Windrush Leisure Centre app which they say means they have to turn up in the hope they can get a slot.

On the Witney Official Spotted Facebook page one resident wrote: “I have been trying without success to register with the Windrush leisure centre app has anyone else had problems it’s a complete disaster and I have tried so many times to register but it won’t let me so my only option is taking my child and hopefully they have space for us.

“I have tried ringing and as yet no reply to my email. Do they want business or not. Just baffled to be honest.”

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The site is operated by Better, a charitable social enterprise that runs gyms and leisure centre across the county, and on behalf of West Oxfordshire, South Oxfordshire and Vale district councils.

One FB poster quipped: “Better have changed their name to Worse.”

Another said: “They updated the app and website last week and it’s been excessively glitchy since.

“I went for a swim this morning and it was the quietest I’ve ever seen it (I think many people have been unable to book swimming slots).

A third added: "Been trying to get swimming slot for weeks with no joy. Tried ringing, no joy, doing dry swimming in air at moment."

Some posters said they could create an account using a desktop PC but not a mobile or a tablet.

One went as far as to say: "I've cancelled my membership because it’s absolutely rubbish."

A spokesperson for Better said a new online booking system had been introduced but they were not aware of any issues at the Windrush Leisure Centre.

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She said: “Better has begun migrating members over to a new online booking system, which in the long-term should improve functionality and user experience.

“However, as is often the case with changes to technology there have been a few minor glitches and some members have had difficulties transferring across.

“We are not aware of any issues specific to Windrush Leisure Centre and following your email we retested the systems ourselves, without finding any issues.

“All members would have received the email below, explaining what they need to do to activate their account using the new system.

“Anyone who perhaps has missed the email, or is having difficulties with the transfer should come into the leisure centre where our staff will help them in person or email: and we will try and assist remotely.”